XIAUDIO Formula S获得著名音频网站Audio Bacon编辑选择奖Editor’s Choice!


Wells Audio Headtrip Reference & Woo Audio WA33

The Eleven XI Audio Formula S meets a nice middle ground as far as tone, resolution, and soundstage. It’s not too warm or too analytical.

Law of the land: one can’t have it all. There are sacrifices made in clarity/dynamics versus the Headtrip and the fuller textures and richer tone versus the WA33 – but it has enough of the important pieces to be addictively musical. It’s exceedingly smooth and very balanced in its sound. That said, it sounds superb with the character of the Abyss Phi along with the other headphones I had on hand.

These are all top-of-the-line amplifiers. You’re not going to get a bad sound out of any of them. As always, which amplifier you decide on depends on your sensibilities – and your bankroll.

大致翻译如下:XIAUDIO Formula S 和 Headtrip Reference、Woo Audio WA33都是顶级货。选哪个,看品味和钱包。

Final Thoughts

The fact that the Abyss Phi was tuned on the Eleven XI Audio Formula S headphone amplifier resulted in a beautiful and synergistic pairing.  Together, they complement each other’s sonic traits.

With the optional PowerMan power supply attached to the Formula S, the sound quality is improved – substantially. Although this combination isn’t inexpensive, it’s still priced below those of some of the competitors.

The Eleven XI Audio Formula S and PowerMan power supply should be on your short list of amplifiers to audition. Especially if you own an Abyss Phi and don’t want to break the bank. It has all the qualities of a high-performance headphone amplifier and will also serve the rest of your headphone collection very well.

大致翻译如下:事实上,Abyss 1266 Phi是根据XIAUDIO Formula S调音的。配在一起,完美极了。加上Powerman更完美,吧啦吧啦吧啦。。。