High End Discrete R-2R Sign Magnitude DAC / HeadAmp
27 bit!

售價: RMB 11,980

Our highest performance fully balanced DAC with builtin powerfull Headphones Amplifier, based on the well tested and renoved Soekris R-2R technology. This is the best available, with the highest performance and quality.
这是旗舰。全平衡解码(4路 R2R DAC), 全平衡耳放。这是Soren大神的最牛之作。

It have the fantastic clean and natural sound of a 27 bit R-2R sign magnitude DAC, built with over four hundred tiny and ultra precise thin film resistors. The line output buffer is a high performance fully balanced zero feedback design built with discrete parts, the buffer also have a high power mode to drive any set of Headphones. The main power supplies are ultra low loise, low impedance and very fast, also built with discrete parts.

The music is delivered over an USB interface in both PCM and DSD formats, or by the SPDIF, AES or Toslink inputs. It is then buffered and reclocked using a precise and ultra low jitter oscillator, with the digital processing done in a programmable FPGA chip, with a set of selectable advanced digital filters and a digital volume control.
通过USB、同轴和光纤输入PCM和DSD, 然后是缓冲和超低Jitter的时钟重建。这一切都是FPGA完成。还有可选择的高级数字滤波器和数字音量控制。

Technology that used to be reserved to a few DACs costing the same as a car. But now thanks to smart Danish design and automated manufacturing in Denmark it will be available at a much more reasonable price.

Users Manual: download
Windows vers 7-10, 32 & 64 bit driver: download


dac1541 front view dac1541 rear view
dac1541 internals dac1541 retail packaging


THD @ -1 dB  <0.005%
THD @ -60 dB <0.02%
Resistor Precision 27 bit, 0.01% – 0.02% Resistors
Clock Jitter RMS 0.3 pS typical
S/N 20 Khz Bandwith >123 dB unweighted
Frequency Range +0.1 -1.0 dB 20hz – 20Khz
USB Input Type B, Isolated, Full/High Speed
USB Input Mode Selectable Audio Class 1.0 or Audio Class 2.0
SPDIF / AES / Toslink Inputs  Up to 24 bit / 192 Khz
USB Input PCM Up to 24 Bit / 384 Ksps
USB Input DSD Up to DoP-128 and DSD-256
Digital volume control -80 dB to +10 dB
Output Line RCA, 2.0V RMS, Zout 50 ohm
Output Line Balanced 3 pins XLR, 4.0V RMS, Zout 100 ohm
Output Headphones 6.3 mm Jack, 6.5V RMS, Zout 1.5 ohm
1300mW @ 32Ω
Output Headphones Balanced 4 pins XLR, 13V RMS., Zout 3.0 ohm
4400mW @ 32Ω
Power Consumptation 90-265V AC, max 35W
Size 250 x 205 x 40 mm
Weight 1.5 Kg
Warranty 3 Years