Pacific DAC 旗舰解码器

The Pacic DAC is our new creation, rising the bar in the area of digital to analog conversion.  It took over a year of intense research to push every technical aspect of our DAC technology to the new levels, we took everything thats great about Lampizator DACs  and created the state of the art reference product. We have a very clear idea what the reproduced music should sound like – like real live music. Our agship products always had this sound in their design, thats why they inspire some of the world’s most demanding listeners, reviewers and musicians. The Pacic DAC has been designed from the ground up with one goal in mind – to create a DAC that supersedes everything we have heard before and done in the Lampizator way.  Every part of The Pacic DAC is completely new, even if rooted deeply in previous designs. The four main pillars of the construction are: the digital conversion section, the power supply section, the tube output section and control / management / volume section.  And all this is housed in a unique chassis of pure polished brass.





Unique tube conversion output with Single Ended Triode, Directly Heated Triode, Active Dynamic Tube Anode Loading & Zero Feedback
New digital engineboard with a conversion process unique to Lampizator with DSD512 auto-sensing
New USB &  LAN computer interface that is with preinstalled ROON bridge
New transformers, power supplies, new heater power circuits and new chassis
New Taras 2017 VC-04 Volume Management System  


新的Taras 2017 VC-04音量处理系统。(又是个什么鬼?)

LampizatOr The Pacic – our new reference  „flagshipmodel.

The phenomenally musical result is a combination of eight factors that rarely meet in one product:

DSD native lter technique, most advanced PCM processing known
Use of DHT tubes in one stage, zero feedback fashion, in purest Active Anode Load SET mode
MUNDORF silver/gold capacitors selected after testing all the world leading caps
Hand made with silver wiring in teon insulation, gold plated PCB traces
Tube diode and chokespower supply with grossly oversized parameters
Use of metal foil power supply capacitors instead of cheap electrolytics
Use of the best FPGA asynchronous and custom powered USB with two own clocks and customized rmware
Use of resistor ladder discrete volume control
The tubes we use are 101D, 300B, 6A3, 245 or 45s, 242 and PX4 (interchangeable). Yes – you CAN roll them all
In every DAC, which is an ultra rare solution. We are proud in being the pioneer of this technology.
We also used DHD – directly heated diodes as rectiers (5U4G is the standard), but one can roll 274B, 5c3s, 5U4, 5R4, GZ34, 5Y3. 


• DSD原生滤波技术,远好于PCM处理方式
• 直热式三极管(指胆管),零反馈,纯主动阳极负载单端三极管模式
• MUNDORF/金电容,我们试遍了全世界所有最好的电容,最后选它
• 手工制造,特氟龙银线,镀金PCB(他们那嘎达弄个PCB可难了。。。)
• 胆二极管和扼流圈组成的供电系统,超足的储备
• 最好的FPGA异步和定制升级的USB,二个内置时钟,定制固件
• 电阻阶梯式的全分立音量控制
• 胆管巴拉巴拉巴拉。。。你自己还能换管玩
• 每一台DAC都是独一无二的。很自豪我们的特立独行。(可能每台Pacific都不一样。手工造旗舰就是这么任性。有待证实,我得问问Lukasz)
• 直热式二极管(当然是指胆管)做胆整流,用的胆管巴拉巴拉巴拉。。。你自己还能换管玩 


• Size: [W x H x D ] cm 43 x 19 (plus tubes 15 cm) x 52 (plus 10 cm for cables at the back) (17” x 71/2x 20)
• Weight 20 kg net, (50 lb) 30 kg (70 lb) shipping gross (ships in the flight case) • PCM conversion New fully balanced 2017 engine code “57” – up to 24 bit, up to 192 kHz via SPDIF, up to 705 kHz
• DxD via USB up to 32 bit/356 kHz via LAN DSD conversion via LAN or USB only, auto-sensing, auto switching, 64x, 128x, 256x, 512x
• Output voltage signal 3 V pp, adjustable by request. In Volume control models – 6 V pp adjustable in 64 one dB steps
• Optional inputs BNC, second SPDIF-RCA, AES/EBU, Toslink
• Mains Voltage: 110-240 V AC, with built in RFI filter
• AC powert consumption 70 W (SE) and 90 W (Bal)
• Tube compliment one 5U4G rectifier, two 6H6P dual triodes, two SET DHT triodes (four for balanced) with a switch allowing for the use of: 300B, PX-4, 101D, 45, 245, 345, 242, PX25
• Output capacitors Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold or equivalent
• Rectifier tube 5U4G or 274B – Octal base – or any 5V equivalent like 5AR4WGB, 5Y3, GZ34
• Footers High end STACORE footers
• Chassis Pure solid brass, clear coated.
• Sockets WBT inputs and outputs
• Warranty 5 years excluding tubes