Broadway 全平衡全分立电池供电耳放

Broadway :
Full Balanced, Class A design with more output power, and is made for the headphones which are hard to drive, requested powerful amplifier.
Such as Abyss 1266phi, Abyss Diana, Hifiman HE1000, and Sennheiser HD800 which mean it’s for High impedance or Low sensitivities headphones.
  • Frequency Response: DC-100 KHz
  • SN: 130 dB
  • Power: 1500 mW @ 32 ohms fully balanced class A operation (amplifier biased full on at all times, no edgy crossover distortion typical of many solid state amplifiers)
  • Run time: Approx. 6 hours on full battery, indefinitely while connected to AC Charge adaptor
  • Inputs: Stereo balanced 3 pin XLR’s
  • High quality volume adjust potentiometer
  • Headphone Outputs: 4 pin balanced XLR and 4.4 mm Pentaconn
  • Batteries: Replaceable 18650 x 4
  • AC Charge adaptor: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz. (Unit has built-in battery management, auto-off on low battery, auto charge)
  • Dimension :212 mm *38 mm (not include feet)*156 mm (not include in/output terminal and VR)
  • Weight: Around 1,100g with battery.



左LED:              白色 – 电源
             红色 – 充电指示
右LED:              红色闪 – 电池低于25%,建议立即充电

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发烧天书 TAS 报道 Broadway耳放