NAGRA Seven纳格拉二声道录音机

Nagra Seven
纳格拉7 二声道录音机

2-channel portable digital recorder


Resolution Awards Winners 2014 RECORDERThe Nagra Seven has been designed as the successor to the Nagra LB, ARES-C,  ARES-BB+ and Nagra V recorders. It is a flexible device and can be adapted to a multitude of specific applications depending on the internal options installed. Based on an extremely high performance, simple to operate platform the addition internal I.S.D.N. or SMPTE/EBU time code boards adapt it to either the broadcast or film / TV markets. Optional WiFi / 3G, internal editor and audio compression are also available, to further dedicate the device for particular applications.
納格拉7 延續了 Nagra LB, ARES-C,  ARES-BB+ and Nagra V錄音機的設計. 他是一部靈活的設備可根據安裝的內部選項適應多種應用程式. 因為它是一部超高性能表現的機器, 兼具可簡易連接內部I.S.D.N. 或 SMPTE/EBU時間碼板的操作平台, 所以不管是廣播業界或是電影/電視製作都很容易使用. 為使內部編輯或是音頻壓縮都能使用以及日後某些設備的特殊用途, 可選配使用 WiFi/3G功能.

Audio inputs

The Seven offers two analogue audio inputs and a single stereo digital input. It will record in PCM linear audio at sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz or in MPEG-1 layer II compressed audio formats if the compression option is installed. The inputs are equipped with traditional Nagra microphone preamplifiers for dynamic and phantom +48V microphones and offer a range of switchable sensitivities to accommodate all common microphones. AES-42 microphones can also be used as the recorder can supply the necessary 10V dc supply voltage on the AES input. The analogue LINE input will accept up to +24dB allowing it to be connected to a standard audio mixer in the field.
納格拉7提供了2組類比音頻輸入跟一個立體聲數位輸入. 他的錄音品質 192 kHz 取樣率的PCM, 如果有安裝壓縮功能的話,可以支援MPEG-1 layer II 壓縮格式.
納格拉7配有傳統納格拉麥克風前級擴大機可讓動圈式跟幻象+48V 麥克風使用, 並且提供了可調靈敏度的範圍,皆能使用大多數的麥克風. 納格拉7在AES 輸入的10V 直流供電下同樣可以使用AES-42 麥克風. 可支援+24dB類比線性輸出以連接標準的現場混音器材使用.

Inputs panel


The Nagra Seven has a state-of-the-art color touchscreen allowing greater flexibility in the display modes and screens, but also eliminating all switches which are the weakest link in modern electronics. The audio levels, current operating mode and status of the recorder are shown on the touchscreen display mounted on the front of the unit. The screen is sunlight readable, and gives access to the entire menu structure of the recorder. Various programmable “short cuts” are available giving many personalization possibilities.
納格拉7使用了先進的彩色觸屏允許在顯示模式或是屏幕下展現超凡的靈活性, 同時也避免了開關是近代電子產品最薄弱的環節. 在前面板上的觸摸屏幕上顯示了錄音機的音頻層級, 目前操作模式及狀態. 此螢幕為可在陽光下閱讀, 可進入操作整個菜單. 也提供了個人化進入各種編程的捷徑設定.



The Nagra Seven is fitted with an internal 16GB micro SD flash memory, that can be increased by the user if desired. The main extractable media is an SD memory card which inserts into the slot on the left side of the recorder (see picture above).
納格拉7使用16GB SD快閃記憶卡, 客戶可自行更換擴充容量. 上方照片可看到在錄音機左側有SD記憶卡插槽.

USB 2.0 port

A micro-AB USB port allows the unit to be connected to a computer for file transfer. With an interface adapter, the same port can also be used to connect an external device such as a USB memory stick or computer keyboard for data entry.
可使用Micro-AB USB槽來連接電腦傳輸檔案. 也可用此插槽來連接外部儲存裝置.

Editing and communication

If the optional editing option is installed, then graphic editing of the audio files is possible on the main display. Once the editing of the audio material is complete, files can be transmitted to the studio either over IP (through the ethernet connection using the File Transfer Protocol “FTP” connection) or via a GSM phone using 3G or by Wifi (if the option is installed).
如果安裝了編輯功能, 那就可以在主要顯示器上圖形編輯音頻檔案.  當編輯音頻完畢可使用IP (透過網路連接FTP)傳出檔案給錄音室或是透過GSM電話使用3G通信或是WiFi(要安裝WiFi功能)

SMPTE / EBU Time code

The Nagra Seven has an optional internal time code board that works with all currently accepted frame rates including those for HD TV. It will handle both drop and non-drop frame rates, and will allow pull-up/down too.
納格拉7提供選配的內置時間碼板, 可適用目前所有可包含HD TV能接受的偵辨率. 他將處理drop/ non-drop 的偵辨率也能允許pull-up/down.

Start / Stop

A 3.5mm miniature Jack socket is fitted for remote fader start/stop commands. This will allow the unit to be remotely controlled by a simple switch closure.


The Nagra Seven is supplied with a detachable battery box, into which 8 rechargeable “AA” cells can be installed. An optional lithium-polymer rechargeable battery pack, that will power the unit for about 7 hours is available. If phantom powering or transmission options such as WiFi or 3G are used the battery life will be reduced.
納格拉7提供了可拆卸電池盒, 此電池盒可使用8顆可回充的AA電池. 也可選購可充式鋰聚合物電池(約7個小時續航). 如果使用幻影電源或是使用WiFi 或3G傳輸, 電池續航力將會降低.



Internal storage Micro SD Flash memory card
Removable media SD Flash memorycard
Disk format FAT 16 / 32
Recording Method Linear digital PCM, optional:MPEG 1 layer II
File type 16 / 24 bit Broadcast Wave File BWF (WAV)
A/D & D/A 24 Bit Sigma Delta
Bit rates 32 kbits/s up to 384 kbits/sec
Tracks 2 individual
Sampling Rate 44.1, 48 kHz, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192kHz
Recording capacity 1hr at 24 bit 48 kHz per GB of memory
Pre-recording buffer Programmable
Display Color LCD touchscreen
Level meters On colour display


Digital input XLR 3-pole / AES 42
Analogue inputs 2 x XLR Microphone (Dynamic, +48V Phantom) / line
Mic. input sensitivity 2.8, 10 and 40 mV/Pa selectable
Mic. input noise Uin < 1µV (2.8 and 10 mV) @ 220Ω Uin < 1.6µV (40 mV)
Limiters On microphone inputs
Line input sensitivity Adjustable from -6 dBm up to +24 dBm for 0 dBFS recording
THD at 1 kHz 2.8mV Mic <0.2%, 10mV Mic <0.1%, line <0.1% (measured on AES out)
Frequency response Mic, 10Hz – 75 kHz (+0 – 3dB), Line 10 Hz – 90 kHz (+0 -1dB) (measured on AES out)
Signal-to-noise ratio >110 dB ASA “A”
Input level adj. range 42 dB Mic and from -6 to +24 dB Line
Input filters LFA
Internal microphone On the front panel
Crosstalk Mic >70dB : Line > 110dB


Analogue line output XLR 4.4V max (+15 dBm)
Crosstalk >110 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio >100 dB
Digital output XLR AES-3 (24 bit or 16 bit)
THD+N <0.004%
Frequency response 10 Hz – 75 kHz (+0-3dB)
Headphones Stereo 6.3mm (¼”) Jack 50 Ω
Internal speaker 0.3W


USB Micro AB connector
M/S Decoder Switchable
Ethernet RJ 45


Dimensions 165 x 175 x 65mm (W x H x D) (Incl. battery box)
Weight 800g (1.75 lbs) (Incl. battery pack)
Power supply External 15V
Power Consumption Approximately 5W
Charge time Approximately 3 hours
Battery life >5 hours
Relative humidity From 10% to 99% (non condensing)