Big 7 DAC MK2 大七解碼器

在亚洲只引进胆整流版。Big7大七和Golden Gate金门都不是R2R的。请注意。
Big7已经升级到Big 7 MK2。

关键词: LampizatOr、DSD、 直热三级管、纯铜电容

We give to every DAC, especially the Big7, the best parts that we consider sanely priced.

The Big Seven is an evolution of Level 7 – we put in one huge box the whole L7 and then some.
Big 7从Level 7进化而来。我们把整套Level 7装进一个大盒子里。(Level 7原来是分体的)。

We feel there is an advantage to put the Level 7 in one box because grounds become shorter, power delivery is more immediate and there is possibility to put more power supplies separately: we have about 20 in total in Big Seven compared to 9 in Level 7. Also we can use bigger rectifier tubes like 5c3s and Bendix 5U4R or even Shuguang 274B or Emission LABS 5U4R.
我们认为把Level 7放在一个盒子里有很大的好处。地线更短,功率传递更直接,而且可以把电源组件更加复杂化。结果就是从Level 7的9路供电变成现在的20路供电。我们还可以用更大的整流胆管,巴拉巴拉巴拉。。。

This DAC will have as standard (no price premium):

• Output capacitors  Jupiter Copper Wax – the best coppers in the world in our opinion.
输出电容Jupiter Cooper Wax。我们心中的宇宙最佳铜电容。

• Tubes: Standard Psvane 101D, optionally Emmission Labs 45 or KR45 or 300B UK Design Psvane

• Rectifiers 5C3S from USSR or 274B from Shuguang. Optional Emission Labs 5u4g

• PCM DAC 384 kHz

• USB up to 32 bit/384 kHz

• DSD128/64 engine (the one that made us famous), optionally 256x

Paid options are:

• Volume control with a remote
• DSD 256 or 512 engine

• Balanced topology

• The tube rolling possibility allows to use 101D, 45, 245UX, 2A3 – with a switch selector of heater voltage.
支持一些胆管倒置 ,有灯丝电压切换开关。

Let’s summarize the Big Seven build principles:

• DHT triodes in single ended anode follower configuration as Lampizator signal tubes (45 or 2A3 or 101D)
直热三极管,单端阳极跟随器,配置LampizatOr信号放大胆管(45 or 2A3 or 101D)

• You have a selector switch to choose three tube schemes (2A3/45/101D) but you get only one chosen tube pair. Tube rolling is entirely on you.

• Only one amplification stages in the whole DAC

• Only one capacitor in series with the sound in the whole DAC (two for volume control version) and we give you worlds best capacitor.
声音回路中只有一只电容(能调音量的版本是2只), 我们给你世界上最好的电容。

• Duelund Cast Copper caps or Jupiter Copper Wax exclusively
Duelund Cast铜电容or Jupiter Wax铜电容,独一无二滴

• Silver wire in teflon insulation point to point 3-D connection technique

• Tube power supply with tube rectification based on the best 5C3S /5U4G / GZ34 / 274B vacuum diodes

• MKP foil caps of gigantic size (total of 290 uF MKP capacitance) replace most of the PSU reservoir electrolytes
巨大的290uF MKP电容用在电源模组中,取代高压电解。

• Separate transformer windings for tube circuit, separate transformer for digital part, separate secondary windings for every task

• Our top digital section with current-output DAC converters

• DSD based on our best concept of using un-manipulated, filtered, raw, native datastream as signal.

• SIZE: 45 cm wide, 53 cm deep, 13 cm tall. Weight (shipping) 20 kg, net 16 kg

• Power consumption 40 Watts